Using a Reusable Straws for the Better Environment

Nowadays, the use of plastic becomes a critical issue. The plastic is used massively all over the world. However, it takes a really long time to be decomposed by nature. The plastic trash can affect nature. For example, a lot of the sea animals unknowingly consume the plastic that has been thrown to the sea. It can be a danger to them. In order to keep the environment and save the lives of animals, nowadays, people are trying to make some innovations for their daily life. They start to reduce the use of plastic and substitute the plastic with the reusable materials that are environmentally friendly. One of the innovations by making a reusable straw. Well, straws become an important thing in daily life. There are many people buy the drink with the plastic straw that can be used only once. It can make increasing plastic trash in the environment. Therefore, by using the reusable straw, people can help to keep the environment healthy. The reusable straw can be washed easily and used for several times. The size is also easy to bring so that the people can bring and use it anywhere.

The Bamboo materials for making a reusable straw

Well, there are several materials that can be used for making reusable straws such as stainless steel, glass, bamboo, and titanium. Each material has its own advantages. One of the most popular materials is bamboo. Why? Well, the reusable bamboo straws are widely known as sustainable materials. In addition, bamboo straws are eco-friendly and use 100% natural and organic products. The bamboo straws are also bio-degradable and BPA free. Therefore, it’s not only safe for the environment but also safe for the human body. The bamboo straws can be used for a long time if the people can take care and clean it every day. In addition, it’s also safe for the children since it will not be broken easily. It can be packaged and brought anywhere. For the people who want to buy the bamboo straws, they may get several sizes of the bamboo straws, stainless steel cleaning brush, cotton push, and carton box for packaging. It will help the people to use it and clean it every day.

How to clean the bamboo straws

Well, in order to maintain the quality and the cleanliness of the bamboo straws, it should be cleaned properly after use to avoid the bacteria. So, the safety of the bamboo straw can be maintained. How to clean it? The bamboo straws can be rinsed out in tap water every day. Or else, it can be shaken in a jar that is filled with warm and soapy water. It can also be boiled by using the mixture of the vinegar and water once in a month to achieve the complete clean. Well, the bamboo straws should be dried quickly. It can be stored in a well-ventilated place.  Do not store the bamboo straws on the tight jar that has no air access.